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How to Make the Most of a Potential Investment Property

⋅BY Nickolas Abendroth  ⋅May 9, 2016

Investment properties are a wonderful thing for those who are both business savvy and have the capital to buy them. Investing in real estate can provide extra income and assets and can have some of the most beneficial tax deductions when compared to other forms of investing. If you have the funds to buy a rental property that will ultimately earn you income, it sounds like a done-deal, right? Although there is a potential to profit, there are still many factors to consider when choosing an investment property.

Wising Up Your Home with Smart Technology

⋅BY Nickolas Abendroth  ⋅April 22, 2016

Whether a fan, critic, or all around abstainer of Robert Zemeckis’s “Back to the Future” film trilogy, one thing remains true—the future is now! The second film in the series, “Back to the Future II” aimed to depict American life on October 21, 2015 from a 1989 perspective.  That date actually occurring this past year has drawn much attention and speculation on how the film measured up to reality.  Although the film didn’t perfectly match our day-to-day uses of technology, the message is clear: technological advancements are possible, attainable, and necessary! I am not here to give the movie a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”, but rather invite homeowners and buyers to appreciate this ever-evolving world of technology, as it can be life enhancing and profitable.

Today the Smart Phone has become as American as Apple (no pun intended) Pie.  Next came Smart Tablets, and Smart Watches to sync to our Smart Phones, with of course Smart Cars soon to follow.  This technology was designed to give people something to make their lives easier to a degree that evokes willingness to invest in it, and do so continually and on a regular basis.  The genesis of the Smart device was one to help people specifically while on “the go”.  That being said you may be surprised that the next offspring of the Smart Family, and one of the most cost effective, be the Smart Home.

Mcullough Hills Trailhead In Henderson

McCullough Hills Trailhead: Pictures and Video Inside!!

⋅BY Nickolas Abendroth  ⋅April 18, 2016

The McCullough Hills Trailhead I think is one of the best trailheads around. I have been up there numerous times and it is always a nice hike. This is one of the easier hikes around the city of Henderson, There are many paths to take and the trail is always clear and open. Meaning no-one around to bother you. A real sense of clarity comes over me every time I am on this trail. Some of the trial is market and some isn’t. There is also a rock lining that you will see in some parts of the trail making a nice pathway. Below are pictures that I took along the way… Pictures Inside!!!
House Hunting in Henderson

House Hunting: Is it Real Life, or Just a Fantasy?

⋅BY Nickolas Abendroth  ⋅April 13, 2016  ⋅BUYERS,REAL ESTATE

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions an individual or partnership will make in life. The hunt can expected to be time consuming, emotional, and the decision to purchase will require a down payment in a sum that’s far heftier than most of us deal with in our day to day lives and likely decades of mortgage payments. It involves multiple parties, realtors, lenders, and even the IRS (think annual property taxes). Moving in, decorating, and making memories in your new home is the prize at the end of the road, but the journey to get there can be long and windy.
In this age of information, where is the first place we look when we want information? The World Wide Web of course! Most will assert that when shopping for anything, be it a bigger ticket item like a car or vacation, or something smaller like a new desk lamp or wedding gift, will turn to this stalwart source of information on their computer, tablet, or..
Mcullough Hills Trailhead In Henderson

Living in Henderson: Bike it or hike it (Video Inside)

⋅BY Nickolas Abendroth ⋅April 12, 2016 ⋅VIDEOS,BUYER,SELLER

The City of Henderson is kicking off the spring months with a Bike it Or Hike it Challenge. This gives everyone the opportunity to get out and explore the trails that Henderson has to offer. We have 180 miles of trails in Henderson alone, Which is why we are one of the top ten cities in America for an active lifestyle. As well as the only Nevada city to receive the Silver-level bike friendly community awards.

What you need to enter is like the City of Henderson Facebook page or Follow them on twitter, and simply take a selfie of you and any trailhead signage you can find and post it using the #bikeorhike2016 Hashtag. There will be biweekly winners chosen at random as well as a grand prize drowning held on June 6th for a…

Dual Agent danger in Henderson NV

The Danger of a ``Dual`` Real Estate Agent

⋅BY Nickolas Abendroth  ⋅April 4, 2016  ⋅SELLERS,REAL ESTATE

As the old adage goes: Time is Money. So how does this apply when you’re ready to sell your home or buy a new one? Conditions of course matter: you may have a family, maybe you travel a lot, perhaps you even need to relocate for a job. Simply put, you have infinite miscellaneous obligations affecting your free time. Thereby you don’t…
Home Search App Henderson

Do's and Dont's of Pricing a Home

⋅BY Nickolas Abendroth  ⋅March 25, 2016  ⋅SELLERS,REAL ESTATE

Whether downsizing or upgrading, if you decide to sell your home the goal is to do so at the highest price point possible. That being said, how does one know where to start, especially when every market is different and each home is unique? After years of experience I can say one thing holds true, that pricing a home is very subjective. Throughout my career, I’ve often seen agents suggest excessive starting prices to the sellers just to acquire their listing. An unrealistic price point from the get-go can lead to arguments, detriment, and sadly a lower closing price.

With no streamlined national market, or one-size-fits-all guide to buying and selling a home, being educated and choosing the right person to help is crucial. I attest it’s the listing agent’s duty to explain to an adamant seller about the inevitable hurdles ahead when overpricing a home, but in doing so, they should not make the seller feel cornered. To make the process easier I’ve compiled a list of Three Dos and Don’ts of Pricing a Home as follows…

Henderson Monthly Market Update

Henderson Monthly Market Update: February

⋅BY Nickolas Abendroth  ⋅March 5, 2016  ⋅SELLERS,REAL ESTATE

In the month of February, compared to last year, It was almost unchanged. Other than the list price up 10%. February is the month of change from winter into spring where things start to heat up and sales start to rise. With 4.5 months of inventory left there is not many listings to choose from but look forward to March for a listing boom.

Note: All statistics are gathered from the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors®

  • Median List Price – $279,000 (10.4% over same time last year)
  • Avg. Days on Market – 31 Days (6.4% over same time last year)
  • Months of Inventory – 4.5 (11.1% over same time last year)
  • Avg. Asking Price Per Sq.Ft. – $105 (10.5% over same time last year)
  • Number of active Listings – 1,095 (5.4% over same time last year)

Mortgage rates rising

Mortgage Rates Drop Again; Existing-Home Sales and Prices Climb

⋅BY Deborah Kearns  ⋅February 25, 2016  ⋅BUYERS,REAL ESTATE

As we head into the busy spring home-selling season, homebuyers will be happy to know that mortgage rates are back on the decline. The same can’t be said of home prices, though, which continue to rise.

Freddie Mac’s just-released weekly survey of lenders shows little change in the following average rates for the most popular home loan terms…

las vegas homes

Your Choice: The HOA Issue


I recently listed a house in a neighborhood south of Rancho Drive in Las Vegas, NV. This house was in a non-HOA community, which gave me an idea on writing about the differences between a house that resides in an HOA community and one that does not. After talking with my clients I quickly realized why they made their decision on the house they had…

The BEST local home search app

The Best LOCAL Home Finding App Revealed


90% of the general public starts their search for a home online, Preferably on their phones, Right? The technology that is out there to make life easier is always present in every industry and every corner we turn. Searching for homes has just gotten easier!! The new Las Vegas Home Search App…

10 Things to Look for before you fall in love with that house

`` 10 Things you should look into before you fall in love with that house``


For most, the excitement of buying a home can be often times can be overwhelmingly an emotional driven process. So much so that a lot of things can be overlooked. In an effort to protect my clients I have constructed this list of commonly overlooked deal breakers. This will keep you informed and not allow you to quickly get buyer’s remorse when it comes to buying the home you have always wanted.

Though they say “A picture is worth…

Blog Post Henderson Places

Top Places to visit in Henderson, NV


As a family man, I feel the need to always entertain and make the lives of others fun. Henderson has a lot of great opportunities to do such. Feeling the cool breeze in the mornings now, I can’t think of a better time to get out
there and have fun in Henderson. Here is a practical guide showing all the places in Henderson to visit and explore with your family….