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Video Killed The Radio Star

Video Killed The Radio Star

The Real Estate industry is an ever evolving industry that changes drastically on a regular basis. Which brings me to the latest evolving technology that is propelling listings to the next level and adding value to a property. Video. When it comes to a listing the more people you get in the door the better chance you have at getting the offer you want. Videos are the next step into even bigger and better technology to cover a property. But Why?

Well for more reasons than not, the trend of the attention span of an individual is a slippery slope in a way that no one had expected. The average attention span of an individual is 8 seconds. Whoaaa, only 8 seconds. More and more companies are looking extensively into ways to grab the viewers’ attention and keeping it for longer. video is one of the great ways to do this as the average time people spend online looking at videos per day is 1hr 55mins. This is the reason video is becoming more popular.

So how does it relate to real estate?

In my experience, real estate videos are shared and engaged in 10 times more than photos. YES, even HDR Professional photos. (Which I highly recommend using) Times are no longer that a regular cell phone picture is acceptable in my book. But let’s get off that tangent and on to the good stuff. Videos. The whole idea behind a video is to engage the viewer as well as explain everything about the listing. What upgrades it has possible what community features and schools. This is the best way to reach those out of state buyers and truly explain what they are getting into in a home.

What are the different types of videos that can be used in a real estate listing?

There are plenty of different types of videos that can be utilized in real estate.

Cell Phone Videos

-Without Sound

Cell phone videos will become very popular for two reasons. 1. They are very inexpensive to do. 2. Zillow’s new option for video only allows videos take from their new video app. The customer service reps at Zillow explains “Buyers told us they want the video experience to be consistent across listings on Zillow Group, and to fit into their existing browsing experience. So we created our video walkthroughs to be simple, soundless, and short, bringing the listing to life and highlighting key features.” Mind you these videos will have no sound so there is no way to do any kind of voice over explaining the upgrades throughout the house.

It makes me a little concerned with this type of video only because even though the image quality will be consistent the quality of the video itself will be very low and in my opinion will not increase the exposure of your listing. Thus, not getting that footfall that ultimately comes from a great video that would be shared and engaged in.

-With Sound

Though the addition of sound to a cell phone video is a great idea, this may limit you to one kind of video and that’s the actually walking through the property with your phone talking through the whole time you are recording. For some, it may be a problem consistently talking throughout the complete video to keep the viewer engaged and interested. I have seen a lot of these and even though it’s the wrong video to accurately promote a property it’s a step in the right direction.

Virtual Tour Videos

This is a common video type right now, that really isn’t in my opinion, a video. These are simply pictures that were taken of the property for the listing and then put in a slide show to music. This type of video really only shows the pictures you can see the listing in succession with music to keep the viewer engaged. Though these are the norm in today’s listings, I suspect soon these will not be the only video provided with a listing in the near future. 

Cinematic Videos

Now, these are the videos I use and provide included in all my listings. A lot of agents This is the ultimate way to do video and promote a listing. This will add value by getting a lot of foot traffic and eventually offers on your property. These videos are professionally done with a high-end DSLR camera and someone that knows how to shoot homes. You see these a lot in the Million Dollar listings. But not anymore. I’m bringing these to every listing I list on the market. My only goal with this is to increase the value of your home and get as many people to see the house as humanly possible.

What makes a video a Cinematic Video

– First off it is professionally done. I like to let professionals stick to their profession. I buy and sell houses in Henderson, NV and am not a photographer or a video person. That is why I hire professionals to do those very important tasks.

– Multiple angles and shots. Ever notice a movie or show with just a couple of different shots and angles in it. Not really interesting right? Same thing here multiple angles and shots make the move more real and interesting.

DSLR Cameras. Professionals use the best of the best otherwise it wouldn’t turn out that professional right? That’s why a good professional camera is required on these videos.

– Lighting- Optional lighting may be used to lighten up dark hallways and corners of the house. It is important to get good consistent exposure throughout the whole video

– Voice Over- Again another professional is needed for the voice over. The more high quality the video is the more people will really understand the quality of the home.

Cost- Across the board, these kind of videos are not inexpensive. These range anywhere from $500-$900. Will your agent pay that? I do.

Below is a vide example of what video I am talking about. Now in saying this if you have a luxury listing, There is another kind of video that I would recommend. A lifestyle video. That is another topic for another day.

In conclusion

Videos are the next big thing out there that has quite been fully adopted and will not be for some time. Which, I believe, is a good thing for homeowners that jump on board and have their agent do them. Reason being as your listing will stick out from the rest. Also videos are ten times more likely to be viewed and shared on social media. For a lot of agents’, it’s about bottom line for them. (What’s the least I have to spend to get the listing sold?) With me, I think to myself what do I have to do to adequately promote the listing and improve the value of the home for my client. My attitude is this “I’m about the people not the money”. I firmly do what it takes to not only adequately promote your listing but improve the value of your home to sell for the most.

How to Sell Your Home For More and in Less Time Series: Pictures Staging and Condition.

How to Sell Your Home For More and in Less Time Series: Pictures Staging and Condition.

Well where do i start with this one? First off i would like to forewarn you, I am very passionate about the way I sell homes and i can ramble on sometimes. But i promise you, The information in this series of blog posts and videos associated with the blog posts is invaluable. If you follow me on everything I do to sell a home for more and in less time, you are more likely to accomplish that.

Ok so here we go.

The Pictures You Take.

Since the inception of technology pictures have been at the forefront of daily life. Back when I started in the real estate industry point and shoot digital cameras was seriously the thing when it came to taking pictures of a listing. You know the kind with the time stamp on the lower right hand corner. Yeah that was the thing back then. But then all of a sudden apple came out with there very first phone. We all in one way or another know the brand and the phone like it or not. That quickly became the way to take pictures. and for a long time and even now this is used quite often. Crazy as it seems this is where laziness and the ever tight grasp on the wallet comes in. Nowadays iPhone pictures are often used to promote a listing simple because it is super easy and its free. Im here to say that is the first misstep people take when listing a home. Yes, iPhones have some along way but not as far as technology has reached. Which comes to the way I take pictures of the homes i sell.

I have also taught on this very subject in my previous office. You can check out that video here:

HDR Pictures.

HDR is referred to as High Density Range. In layman’s terms it really just means really really high definition pictures.   This is what i use. Below you will see a photo of an example of the picture i use to list a home. and beside it a photo in the same spot a picture with an iPhone. Which do you think will better promote the home?

Henderson Home HDR Picture
Henderson Home Picture

I am hoping you guessed the one on the left. The HDR Photo. Not only is it super high quality but the range of view is absolutely stunning. This photo was taken of a very large property in which you can tell in the photo it is a big property. Now in the photo taken with an iPhone, you really can’t see that the property is big. That is one major feature that some people want to be able to visualize. Point blank, everyone wants a big backyard right? So if the backyard is big and the pictures you take don’t show that how can you sell it adequately. You really can’t. Pictures are your first impression when it comes to selling your home. Hence why we are talking about it first. Usually pictures like these will cost a homeowner or agent in the range of $180 for 25 photos. Mind you the max photos you can insert in the MLS is 35. So who do you think foots the bill for this one? I honestly feel that it is the responsibility of the agent that is listing the home for sale. I have actually purchased my own camera to take these very pictures and I’m telling you the camera is not a inexpensive model (Nikon d750) look it up. 🙂

Home Staging.

Now this is an interesting topic when it comes to listing a home for sale. Not many agents talk about it, for the fact is that staging cost a great deal of money. and most homeowners wouldn’t be too happy if the agent tells them they have to spend $2500 on staging to sell their home.  So it is not widely used to say the least. Other than in model homes. So my question is why do the model home companies use staging when selling their homes? Because studies have shown that staged homes sell quicker and for more money. Simply put if you ever go into a home that is completely empty do you have trouble with knowing if your furniture will fit? Don’t be afraid to say yes. Your not alone. Most buyers can’t visualize placement of furniture and if it will fit in a empty space. Now when you go into a home that does have furniture do you often say, yeah i think my couch will fit since this couch is about the same size as mine. Perfectly normal right? People have an easier time visualizing when furniture is in place. So if your home is vacant when listing it for sale, staging may be a good option for you. Now I’m not saying every room has to be staged but the main ones I would consider. So who should foot the bill for this one? The Agent or the Homeowner? Well this one I think is up to negotiation. Most of the time if the home is in dyer need of staging i would more than likely go 50/50 on the staging costs. It is a big expense but it is a big help when selling the home. There are also alternatives to staging the actual home. and that is staging the pictures. What that is, is a company will place furniture in the pictures of the home to make it look staged. Which is effective but it only gets the people in to see the home, it doesn’t help them visualize actual furniture in the home when they are there.

The Condition.

 The condition of the home is something to not take lightly. Because at the end of the day people may like the home but if they see too much upfront money that needs to go into repairs then they may altogether pass on the home. This is where a pre-listing inspection should take place. The process is very similar to a buyer ordering an inspection on the home when they have an accepted offer. But what this will do is make sure that that inspection will go smooth as butter. So in most homes that I list, Unless the home is obviously not in need of repairs, I recommend a pre-listing inspection to find any problems that we may encounter when the actual inspection for the buyer happens. The pre-listing inspection is a way to not be surprised about any issues that come up in the actual home inspection and your chance to fix them before they do. Now I’m not saying all conditions need to be fixed but the major ones are a must when you want to sell your home for top dollar and fast. Most of the time these pre-listing inspections are relatively inexpensive, but who do you think should pay for this one? Ive said it before but let me say it again. I believe it is the responsibility of the listing agent to pay for this one. This i believe shows the homeowner a commitment to sell your home to the best of their ability.

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Hey Everyone! I’m a full time realtor in the Las Vegas and Henderson area. With Henderson being my primary expertise. I have lived in Henderson, Nv for the last 22 years. I know the area as well as anyone that has lived here this long. I love updating everyone on new and exciting things through my blog and my social media accounts. Stay Tuned for many more updates in blog and video format.


Living In Henderson, NV: Is Henderson a Good Place to Retire?

Living In Henderson, NV: Is Henderson a Good Place to Retire?

I would say yes to this question. I am asked many of times why so here are my reasons why I believe it is a great place to retire.

  1. There are 5 major retirement communities just in Henderson NV.
    1. Sun City Anthem
      1. The biggest community that has thousands of features making it the most active active adult community.
      2. 3 clubhouses in eluding hundreds of clubs and activities, as well as an outdoor and indoor pool.
      3. Plenty of homes available on a weekly basis.
    2. Solara at Anthem
      1. Located in the heart of anthem is a great small community with one club house.
      2. Limited homes available on weekly basis.
    3. Heritage at cadence
      1. The Newest community that is still being built in cadence. One unique feature of this community is that some homes are 2 story and some even have rv garages
    4. Terra Bella Condos in Anthem
      1. A great condo community that was built in 2006-2007 which features modern architecture and a small community clubhouse with pool
    5. Sun City MacDonald Ranch
      1. Great community right next to MacDonald highlands that offers a executive golf course and a clubhouse with plenty of activities.
  2. Another great reason is the climate in henderson is great year round in the sun is almost always out and in the winter you can enjoy the warm weather and see snow capped mountains in the distance.
  3. Plenty of choices for golf course here. There are a whole lot of golf course around to enjoy year round golf.
  4. Henderson consistency ranks in the top 10 list of safest cities to live.
  5. Hundreds of miles of walking trials as well as plenty of parks and even a couple of parks that cater just to your dogs.

well, its time for you to decide is Henderson a great place to retire. I would like to know what you think. So give me a comment give me a like and check me out on YouTube.

Meet The Realtor®

Nickolas “Nick” Abendroth

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Hey Everyone! I’m a full time realtor in the Las Vegas and Henderson area. With Henderson being my primary expertise. I have lived in Henderson, Nv for the last 22 years. I know the area as well as anyone that has lived here this long. I love updating everyone on new and exciting things through my blog and my social media accounts. Stay Tuned for many more updates in blog and video format.

TopGolf Las Vegas Has Something FORE Everyone

TopGolf Las Vegas Has Something FORE Everyone

Las Vegas is a city quite like no other.  It’s the most populated city in the state of Nevada that’s internationally known as the “Entertainment Capital of the World”.  It’s a relatively young in that it didn’t become a “city” until 1911.  It hit the map big time in the 1930s when gambling was legalized and over the years it’s caught the attention of major moguls such as Howard Hughes and Steve Wynn.  Vegas is kind of like Disneyland only better, with lots of sight seeing and fun to be had by both children and adults.  It’s booming with entertainment options beyond the slot machines and poker tables, too.  The most famous singers in the world, dead and alive, host resident concerts there while Cirque du Soleil and other Las Vegas shows also reign supreme.  There’s fine dining, shopping, and just about everything you could ever want in a vacation or when choosing a fun neighborhood.  Ready for yet another reason to say, “VIVA LAS VEGAS? Then feast your eyes upon the grand opening of the TopGolf amusement and entertainment center located at the landmark MGM Grand Hotel on the Las Vegas Stip.

Golf is a sport that needs no introduction; some don’t care for it, but those who love it, TRULY love it.  TopGolf on the others hand is a global sport entertainment community that caters to the all types of patrons.  This four-level haven is located 75 feet in the air with the beautiful views of Sin City beneath it.  The venue itself hosts climate-controlled hitting bays, interactive golf games, and golf balls so advanced they keep score themselves.  This is the golf game of the future set in an environment where just about anyone can have a great time.  TopGolf also features a stage for live concerts, hundreds of HDTVs, and a restaurant and full bar menu.  There are five bars in total making it a destination to meet people and mingle while sipping refreshing beverages and nibbling on unique American fare.  It serves a perfect place to host a bachelor or bachelorette party, a company outing, or a comfy place to just kick back and have fun with friends.  This is no painstakingly long 18-hole game of golf, TopGolf is a place to see and be seen!


TopGolf definitely puts a modern spin on a classic American loved game.  Those who want to Golf in style can visit the Callaway fitting studio for unique looks to sport while they swing and put.  Guests can even have custom fit clubs sent to them within 48 hours.  If you are still shaky on your golf game, or want just want to improve, expert lessons are available making TopGolf your all in one spot.  As mentioned, even if you aren’t a golfer per se, TopGolf is still the place to be.  All ages are welcome on the first two floors, while floors 3 and above are reserved for guests who are of the legal drinking age.   Floors 1-3 have the hitting bays that are pertinent to the TopGolf name and experience.  The fourth floor has an amazing view of the strip, a lounge, a pool, and of course VIP cabanas.  The TopGolf Las Vegas venue is official open just in time for summer, so if you are planning to visit or even move to the Las Vegas area, this will without a doubt be your top destination! 

Meet The Realtor®

Nickolas “Nick” Abendroth

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Hey Everyone! I’m a full time realtor in the Las Vegas and Henderson area. With Henderson being my primary expertise. I have lived in Henderson, Nv for the last 22 years. I know the area as well as anyone that has lived here this long. I love updating everyone on new and exciting things through my blog and my social media accounts. Stay Tuned for many more updates in blog and video format.

Buying and Selling a Home at the Same Time

Buying and Selling a Home at the Same Time

In a perfect world, if you want to sell your home and buy a new one the transaction would happen right about the same time.  All you have to do is hire the movers, amend the mortgage payment, and do a little redecorating.  That’s what it’s like for renters, but homeowners don’t have it quite so easy.  Homeowners wanting to sell their home and buy at the same time are faced with a tricky situation as nobody wants to be stuck paying two mortgages, let alone not qualify for a home loan because their unsold property is holding them back.  There are terms of art called “Buyer’s Market” and “Seller’s Market” that refer to which type of role benefits more in a real estate transaction.  Some determining beneficiary factors come from market trends, transportation routes, neighborhoods, and future city planning, amongst a bevvy other determinants.  The easiest way to tackle the market, especially when you are both a buyer and a seller, is enlist an expert who knows more than you.

When you want to buy, you have of course done some research on where you want to live, but you need to a trusted real estate agent to help you get the best deal for your current home so you can move into your dream home.  When you hire a realtor, he or she is essentially “in bed” with you through the close of a deal, and in this situation, time is of the utmost essence.  In context, realtors become intimate with your familial, occupational, and financial situations, as they stretch for the best outcome possible.  With this closeness your agent has the knowledge careful analyze your situation as it relates to the current market, and he or she will strive to make it benefit you as both a buyer and a seller.

It makes sense to get the ball moving right away on selling your current home, and your real estate agent will be in charge of handling that listing.  They will market your home and hold open houses on your behalf.  They will do so with knowledge of market trends, familiarity with the neighborhood (including school districts, zoning laws, city ordinances etc.), while maintaining the esteem needed to sell your home at the best price within such a climate.  Pricing your home at an amount you are comfortable with, and based on the aforementioned conditions is crucial.

A seller must use prudence when pricing their home to sell, as an overpriced home sitting dormant on the market is the antithesis of moving into the next.  A real estate agent is going to help you price your home to sell it and help you keep that goal in focus.  When your real estate agent helps you to buy his or her role within the situation is more exocentric.  If you haven’t found your next home yet, a Realtor® acting as a buyer’s agent will be surveying multiple properties and brokerages on your behalf in an effort to find the home that is the best fit for your wants, needs, and budget.  The buyer’s agent is your personal shopper that brings you lots of different options and asserts wisdom while presenting them to you.

Now in a not so perfect world, you must analyze what is more comfortable for your situation – should you sell your home or buy a new one first? Finances are of the essence here.  You must ask yourself if you can feasibly afford two mortgages if you chose to buy first.  If you chose to sell first are you comfortable to live in a short-term rental or extended stay hotel? If you don’t feel like essentially “moving twice” you can work something out with the person who buys your home where you rent it from them for some period of time (commonly 30, 60, or 90 days).  On the other hand, if you find the home you want before current home sells you can request a contract contingency that allows for the sale of your home to transpire before the new sale is in effect, but these are not common when it’s a “Seller’s Market”.

If money were no object, there would be no struggle in making the aforementioned decisions.  For most of us living in a not so perfect world, this is not the case.  The best thing that you can is let go of unrealistic expectations and plan for what’s best for you and your family.  An even better thing to do is hire an agent to help you with both the home buying and selling.  It goes without saying that that is their job and your happiness is their success.  Good Realtors® won’t rush you just to close a deal and get a commission.  A good Realtor’s® business is based on happy clients and the great referrals of happy clients.

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Nickolas “Nick” Abendroth

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Hey Everyone! I’m a full time realtor in the Las Vegas and Henderson area. With Henderson being my primary expertise. I have lived in Henderson, Nv for the last 22 years. I know the area as well as anyone that has lived here this long. I love updating everyone on new and exciting things through my blog and my social media accounts. Stay Tuned for many more updates in blog and video format.

Creating A Sellable Sanctuary In A Home With Kids

Creating A Sellable Sanctuary In A Home With Kids

One of the biggest pushes for someone to buy or sell a home is space.  Now if you are Laura Ingalls living in a one-room log cabin with your entire family on Indian Territory, as depicted in the Little House on the Prairie book series, this does not apply to you.  But if you are accustom to the modern times status quo, starting a family, or your family is growing, you’re undoubtedly going to need more space.  On the contrary, you may have passed this stage and have adult children who are off to college or otherwise grown and out of the family home.  In this situation, you might want to downsize the overhead and give up some space.  Whatever the situation, when you show your house to potential buyers, you want it to be as organized and enticing as possible.  This can be quite a challenge when you have multiple young children or even those messy teens under your roof.  Here are my top tips for getting your home in tip-top condition when you live with kids.

1. Hire a real estate agent

This is where having a real estate agent is the biggest blessing—they will market and show your home for you! A real estate agent will manage the listing of your house and also host an “open house” for you on a specified date or dates.  An especially savvy agent will advise on the best time and dates for the open house to be held.  Perhaps it is on a Saturday, or maybe even over a weekend.  This is a perfect time for you to schedule an all day outing with your family or even a mini-vacation.  An agent will work with your schedule so you will have plenty of notice to plan something to do at a reasonable price; meanwhile your house is showcased in a spick and span childless environment.  Your agent will market the open house date or weekend online or perhaps with flyers, and of course what can often be the biggest bait ever, a sign on the yard.  They can also work with other agents in their network to get people to come check out the property.  The more visitors, the better the chances of a sale!


2. Expect for the unexpected.

If the first open house or open house weekend does not churn any fruitful offers, you will have to be prepared for viewers to come on shorter notice.  This is where tip number two is of the essence.  If you stay ready, you never have to get ready.  And if you stay organized, you will be ready for anything.  Busy buyers have limited time, and if your real estate agent has a warm lead you will not want to pass the opportunity for your home to be shown.  In this case, you’ll want to speak to your family about how to prepare in case someone stops by on short notice.  Have beds be made daily and bathroom and kitchen counters wiped immediately after teeth brushing and breakfast.  Also it’s handy to keep a few snacks, games, coats, books, and anything else your child or children might need packed so you can free up your home on the fly.

3. Get organized

Although I am sure this is without intention to fall into the “hoarding” category, kids maintain a lot of stuff.  They grow like weeds, they play outdoors, they love their toys, collectibles, and video games, and they constantly want or need something new.  The sooner the organization of what they have is done, and the purging or donating of what they don’t need is accomplished, the easier it is to create an aesthetically pleasing environment in their bedrooms or playrooms.  This organization will also make the pending move easier.  There is simply no need to hang on to the clothes and shoes that no longer fit, also.  If your children are capable, have them get involved in the organization and offer incentives for keeping their space clean.  Something that is used regularly can be put into an attractive storage chest, and there are many on the market that look good without being expensive.  When they are done using something it should be put away neatly, and extra stuff on the dresser tops can be boxed and put in the garage.

4. Acknowledge good work

Positive reinforcement is always encouraging at any age.  Tell your kids that they are doing a good job and you appreciate the service they are doing for the family as a whole.  Perhaps they’ve earned a night at the pizza place or arcade (these activities can also happen during home showings).  A little treat or perk here and there can be very motivating!  A fringe benefit as a parent is that you are teaching your children good habits on cleanliness and responsibility.  It won’t always be easy, but it will be worth it for years to come, wherever your family ends up!

Meet The Realtor®

Nickolas “Nick” Abendroth

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Hey Everyone! I’m a full time realtor in the Las Vegas and Henderson area. With Henderson being my primary expertise. I have lived in Henderson, Nv for the last 22 years. I know the area as well as anyone that has lived here this long. I love updating everyone on new and exciting things through my blog and my social media accounts. Stay Tuned for many more updates in blog and video format.

How to Make the Most of a Potential Investment Property

How to Make the Most of a Potential Investment Property

Investment properties are a wonderful thing for those who are both business savvy and have the capital to buy them.  Investing in real estate can provide extra income and assets and can have some of the most beneficial tax deductions when compared to other forms of investing.  If you have the funds to buy a rental property that will ultimately earn you income, it sounds like a done-deal, right? Although there is a potential to profit, there are still many factors to consider when choosing an investment property. 

  1. What can you comfortably afford?

The goal of an investment property, more often than not, is to rent it out at a price that will cover a monthly mortgage payment and then some.  Before you can determine a fair market value of what the rent should be, you must analyze the home itself for any repairs and upgrades that may needed.  As a landlord you will be responsible for the livability of the property.  If the pipes are old, you’ll want to replace them before your tenant calls you with a costly plumbing nightmare.  You never want to underestimate the cost of upgrades and improvements, and you definitely don’t want to hastily rush a tenant in to start collecting rent.

If the home is up to par and ready to rent it out, you then can figure out what a fair price would be.  Please don’t be greedy and set the price too high! Renters are not foolish, and although they may love the dwelling itself they’ve done their research, and they will not overpay for it.  A highly marked up rental will be a vacant one, leaving you stuck to pay the mortgage in full without assistance.  Should that be the case, how long can you comfortably do so? To avoid that costly situation you must therefore stay abreast of the rental rates in your neighborhood and surrounding area.  Ideally you will already have a reasonable expectation of a fair rent before you close escrow on a rental property, especially if you’ve worked with a trusted real estate agent.

  1. What type of property fits your investment goals?

Some investors chose to buy homes and quickly resell them before they themselves ever hold landlord status.  Perhaps they are taking advantage of a very attractive interest rate, they are seeking an above-the-line tax deduction, or they are buying a home as a fixer-upper to eventually flip.  These scenarios, amongst others of equal plausibility are cause for a short-term profit for the investor.  Those who chose to hold their investment property and rent it out might have different motivations.  A rental property can provide long-term profits to the owner at slower rate of return, while also providing some tax incentives.  Investment properties can manufacture equity for the owner as well, especially if the home’s value increases over the years.

Both investment styles will require the buyer to pick the right property in the right area.  A real estate agent can be very helpful in this process as they can speak to the current state of affairs and even pitch in on the potential for growth in the local areas.  Areas that are preparing for growth make for a great target investment location as the value of the properties in that vicinity are expected to also increase exponentially.  Indications of growth would be a thriving job market, municipal planning objectives, and other amenities such as new parks, shopping centers, movies theatres, and public transportation.  Proximity to freeway, school system, and crime rate are also very important factors so much so that every renter will consider at least one!


  1. Who are your target tenants?

Identifying your best-fitting tenants, and the applications you expect to receive, can be anticipated by the property you chose.  Generally a single family home will have a better capital growth over time whereas apartments and condominiums will have a better rental yield.  A single-family house tends to attract families who want a place to live long-term, and even couples who are in a serious relationship.  Dual-income generating couples certainly make for nice tenants as the rent becomes more affordable and their rent checks more reliable.

Apartments and condominiums are well suited for couples and individuals, and can be a good option for smaller families or single parents, as well.  As the owner of a condominium, you will likely pay some HOA fee that will take care of the outside of the property while the inside will be your responsibility.  This takes a lot of the stress out of the maintenance, especially if you are managing the property yourself.  New roofs, edifice painting, and sprinkler systems are not your issue! Also, unless you are in highly desirable metropolitan area with a great view, lower-storied walk-up apartments are often a better investment to attract more renters.

Henderson Investment Property Agent
  1. Enlist a trusted real estate agent

Investment properties are intended for profit, not for worry, headache, or falling deep in the red.  It is extremely wise to have a real estate agent help you on your hunt for the home that will put you in the black.  A good agent will never pressure you into buying something that you cannot afford.  A good experience between an agent and buyer in a real estate transaction can be very fruitful for everyone, and could even lead to the sale and purchase of other investment properties down the road.  Unless you have a lot of wisdom in real estate investing already, an agent can provide research and experienced based knowledge that will have lasting benefits, while freeing up your time and legwork.  An agent will be your guide through the situations and scenarios I’ve mentioned, which will help you make the most of your investment.

Wising Up Your Home with Smart Technology

Wising Up Your Home with Smart Technology

Whether a fan, critic, or all around abstainer of Robert Zemeckis’s “Back to the Future” film trilogy, one thing remains true—the future is now! The second film in the series, “Back to the Future II” aimed to depict American life on October 21, 2015 from a 1989 perspective.  That date actually occurring this past year has drawn much attention and speculation on how the film measured up to reality.  Although the film didn’t perfectly match our day-to-day uses of technology, the message is clear: technological advancements are possible, attainable, and necessary! I am not here to give the movie a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”, but rather invite homeowners and buyers to appreciate this ever-evolving world of technology, as it can be life enhancing and profitable.Today the Smart Phone has become as American as Apple (no pun intended) Pie.  Next came Smart Tablets, and Smart Watches to sync to our Smart Phones, with of course Smart Cars soon to follow.  This technology was designed to give people something to make their lives easier to a degree that evokes willingness to invest in it, and do so continually and on a regular basis.  The genesis of the Smart device was one to help people specifically while on “the go”.  That being said you may be surprised that the next offspring of theSmart Family, and one of the most cost effective, be the Smart Home.

Smart henderson home

Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat, $229.99

One of the top devices I would recommend to homeowners and sellers is the Smart Thermostat.  A Smart Thermostat connects to the Internet allowing you to control it from anywhere you have Internet access; most commonly it will be monitored by a user’s Smart Phone application.  An extremely practical usage of the Smart Thermostat for day-to-day use is programming it to heat or cool your abode so it is the perfect temperature when you get home from work.  This is far more cost-effective and energy conscience than just “letting it run”, and extremely timesaving versus the old-fashioned “Beep.  Beep.  Beep.” while you “toggle.. toggle.. toggle..” through the digits to set the timer.

A Smart Thermostat is a busy person’s new best friend—the guilt and shame of leaving the AC on 65 degrees when you’re out of town for two weeks is a thing of the past.  Another Smart Thermostat bonus is it keeps you abreast of your home’s climate even when you aren’t there!  For example, the long-trusted Honeywell brand’s Smart Thermostat’s application will display indoor/outdoor temperature, relative humidity, and also alert you to extreme temperature changes and when you should change the filter of your furnace for optimal efficiency.  An investment in a Smart Thermostat will easily pay off with thiscustomizable usage strategy.  A homeowner is sure to be pleased with the overall convenience factor, and should they decide to sell their home, an attractive touchscreen Smart Thermostat has major curb appeal to a buyer.

The appeal of the Thermostat is just a tipping point when it comes to the aggregate of Smart Technology available for the home.  Security systems have now went high-tech without being bulky, and their capabilities have reached far beyond sounding alarms and setting off motion lights.  With Smart Security users have the option to invest in multi-camera systems installed (or placed, rather) in and around their home.  The result is the availability of full-featured footage of the property at the user’s fingertips via a Smart Phone (or any internet enabled device).  Perhaps you don’t need a complete security control room monitoring every inch of your home, but it’s still wise to have some protection as well as peace of mind.


Canary All-In-One Security, $199

A single unit Smart Security system will afford you many advantages when you are away from home.  This system will send alerts to your phone about motion detection and can even sync with a smoke alarm.  If you get a notification you can tap into the live feed and see what’s going on no matter what time of day as these Smart Security systems are equipped with Night Vision.  Piggy-backed on the video feed idea is the Smart Doorbell, such as the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, which works with an existing hardwired doorbell.  This slimly designed Doorbell records 1080p HD video, has advanced motion detection, night vision, and even recorded video with cloud storage.  The Ring Doorbell is also just a useful when you are at home when you are away.  When the doorbell rings, and you’re not expecting anyone, you can tap into the application to see who’s there, and make your own decision on if you want to open the door.


Ring Video Doorbell Pro, $249

The innovation of technology to Smarten Up our home is pretty miraculous.  I’ve outlined some of the basics that will save money while also adding security but the list of experience enhancing and convenience conducting devices does not, and will not end here.  It should be said that all of these Smart products begin to learn your behavior patterns, as do other products like the Smart Refrigerator that can order you more milk or eggs for example when you are running low, or the Amazon Echo who can call you an Über or stream your favorite playlist on your home stereo system, amongst other things.  These are the kinds of features that even make the biggest techies sit back and say “Wow”.  You as the end user, and your guests, will likely feel the same.


Amazon Echo, $179.99

Should you be selling a Home, you might want to up your Smart Technology game before you start showing the property.  Home buyers are certainly wising up to what’s out there and you can most certainly impress them and leave them in awe with these ultra modern and highly convenient systems.  Having this technology at the time of showing reads deeper than “Meet George Jetson” (i.e. the homeowner just buys every existing craze because it’s out).  It shows you as a homeowner cared for your home and wanted it to be protected.  If you were Smart with the technology you were likely smart with the upkeep.  Unless the buyer plans to tear down the home and rebuild there is no way the Smart features of the home will go unnoticed, and can even speed up a sale, in which case, everybody wins.

McCullough Hills Trailhead

McCullough Hills Trailhead

The McCullough Hills Trailhead I think is one of the best trailheads around. I have been up there numerous times and it is always a nice hike. This is one of the easier hikes around the city of Henderson, There are many paths to take and the trail is always clear and open. Meaning no-one around to bother you. A real sense of clarity comes over me every time I am on this trail. Some of the trial is market and some isn’t. There is also a rock lining that you will see in some parts of the trail making a nice pathway. Below are pictures that I took along the way.

Mcullough Hills Trailhead3

This is what you see when you first arrive at the trailhead. There is a bathroom as well as some trail information at the head of this trail.

Mcullough hills trailhead in henderson nv
A view of the Henderson valley as you climb up one of the hills on the trail. Very nice city views along with miles and miles of desert behind.

Mcullough Hills Trailhead in henderson 2
This is a rock dedicating the trail.

Mcullough Hills Trailhead in Henderson

A trailhead sign that is posted every so often given a direction of the trail as well as reminding you this area is closed to motorized vehicles. I have seen plenty of people with bikes on the trial.

House Hunting: Is it Real Life, or Just a Fantasy?

House Hunting: Is it Real Life, or Just a Fantasy?

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions an individual or partnership will make in life.  The hunt can expected to be time consuming, emotional, and the decision to purchase will require a down payment in a sum that’s far heftier than most of us deal with in our day to day lives and likely decades of mortgage payments.  It involves multiple parties, realtors, lenders, and even the IRS (think annual property taxes).  Moving in, decorating, and making memories in your new home is the prize at the end of the road, but the journey to get there can be long and windy.In this age of information, where is the first place we look when we want information? The World Wide Web of course! Most will assert that when shopping for anything, be it a bigger ticket item like a car or vacation, or something smaller like a new desk lamp or wedding gift, will turn to this stalwart source of information on their computer, tablet, or phone.  I would never discourage browsing properties online, but expect to be overwhelmed and possibly disappointed.

Case in point, many shoppers look to listing sites such as Trulia or Zillow, but the goal of these sites is not to sell homes, but to engage people long enough to maintain long business relationships with their paid advertisers.  When someone wants a new home it’s easy to get sucked into these websites perusing “listings” for hours on end, when in realty only about a third of the featured properties are actually for sale.  Even more disappointing is the pricing system—it’s not accurate! You may see your dream home listed at an incredible price when in fact the home is not on the market but rather was sold 18 months ago in a short sale.

Browsing the Internet doesn’t hurt as long as you accept that what you see may not reflect the truth, but nothing supersedes the work that a local real estate agent can do for you.  There are many nationwide brokerages out there that look great online but you will receive service that is more personal and far better when you source a local agent.  Even with an agent’s expertise at your disposal the house hunt can be frustrating at first, but in the end my clients end up at happy with the deal and at peace in their new homes.

Peace and happiness after a real estate transaction is my wish for each client and house hunter alike.  Beyond me doing my job as an agent to find the best fit, it’s of the utmost importance that shoppers are realistic as to what they can afford.  A lender will not give someone a loan who is unfit to make the payments, so when you can expect to show the following:

  • Federal tax returns for the past two years, including any applicable combination of:
    • W-2 Forms if you are employed
    • Profit and Loss Statements
    • 1099 Forms if you own a business:
  • Recent Paystubs
  • Complete list of Debts:
    • Loans (student, auto, etc.)
    • Credit Cards
    • Child support and/or alimony payments
  • Complete list of Assets:
    • Bank and/or Mutual Fund Statements
    • Real Estate and Automobile titles
    • Other statements from Brokerages regarding investment and assets
    • Cancelled checks from rent or mortgage payments

In years past it seemed like banks were giving just about anyone a loan for a home despite an inability to make the mortgage payments.  This had a crippling effect on our nation’s housing market and general financial sector.   Now, all we can do is learn.  It’s time to do a thorough analysis of your financial budget.  What kind of down payment can you afford? What will you have left in savings after the down payment? Can you survive for 6 months if you or your spouse suffers a job loss? Do you plan to go on vacation and how often? Do you have children attending college in the near future? Take off the rose colored glasses, go into the hunt pragmatic.Often times my clients’ agendas change from the time we start the house hunt to the finish.  This is expected, but ultimately they end up pleased.  Limiting Internet searches, or separating truth from realty in the process is certainly a step in the right direction.  Should you overemphasize what’s on the web, you might feel like you’re on miles and miles of beach with a metal detector only churning up empty cans.  Instead, let me guide you, and let’s go on the hunt with a working knowledge of what you can afford.  No more heartbreak, no more time wasted, and no empty cans.  Your dream home can be realty.